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doc file. The eCourse Structure: 1) Introduction: To inform students about the concepts discussed in this module, we introduce the standard template. This is an easy to understand format for students and is meant to be the first thing they see. We also explain that the following eCourse format will follow this structure. 2) Key Concepts: We make sure to explain the key concepts of this module (the foundation for understanding all of the concepts), with easy to understand examples and explanations. We do this in an article format so that the important information can be easily separated from the fluff. For example: "In this module, we will discuss and see how the way a company advertises can be analyzed in two ways. First, advertising can be evaluated on the basis of truthfulness. Second, it can be analyzed in terms of effectiveness" 3) Example: This is the example that we show students at the start of the module. We use it to illustrate key concepts and topics, and how the template is a useful aid to follow. 4) Motivation: In this module, we will use two examples to motivate students to continue reading and learning. The first is a persuasive text. It will draw a  connection between this module and the other courses in the BBS. The second is an information text. This will help students to know what to expect in terms of how the template will be used. 5) Process: This is the second block of the template. In this block, we will identify the three criteria by which we will evaluate the book and the reason for using the eCourse structure. 6) Topics: This is the final section of the template. We discuss the three topics we will cover in the book. We also identify the key points to cover in each of these topics. 7) Review: This is the final line of the template. We remind students of the key concepts that were covered in the module. 8) The End: This is the last line of the template. We remind students of the final outcome of the module: being able to see how advertising can be evaluated on the basis of truthfulness and effectiveness. All eCourses go live on the first of each month. The website and a link to all eCourses will be available on that day. Instructors are also asked to state when the eCourse will become live, as the eCourses are taken live from the first of the month. The teacher asks the questions

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